Outdoor Spring Bench

Here at the studio there is a constant stream of people coming in that are looking to sell me their rustic items when downsizing.  Literally not a day goes by that someone doesn’t come through my door with a truck load of goodies that they’ve brought in wanting me to take off their hands!

I guess people assume we do consignment, however that is not the case.  Sometimes, I will take a few items if I think I can use them.

Recently I scored an antique metal baby crib for a good price that someone probably had stored in their attic for 30 years and was ready to clear it out!

I started with a 3/4″ piece of plywood, cut to fit on the base of the crib.

A trip to Fabricland and I found some simple indoor/outdoor fabric and some thick 4″ foam.

After gluing the foam to my board I simply covered it with the fabric and used a heavy duty stable gun to fasten it down.  Spray glue works best to get the foam to stick to the board.

Finally I put it all together and added some gorgeous Lady Rosedale pillows that I had for sale in the store.  These are super quality, super soft and best of all Canadian Made!

Here’s the end result……

Retails for $370 including the pillows, wouldn’t this look terrific on your front porch?

Stop in to see it in person…. La Petite Fleur, ‘flowers and other fine things…’ 43 Brock Street West, Uxbridge

Outdoor Spring Bench



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